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Tips for Hair Straightening


If you have stubborn, curly hair or natural ruffle, a straightening iron can be a wonder weapon to tame your mane.

But you have to be responsible and careful with your hair. The heat of your straightening iron briefly changes the structure of your hair. After some time your hair will return to its original position.

Be honest with yourself and your hair. Analyze your hair: Is it dry or split ends? Please do not use a straightening iron for severely damaged hair.

Are your hair supple and smooth? Then there is no reason why you shouldn't use high-quality straightening irons.

In order to prepare your hair for straightening, it is recommended to use a moisturising shampoo with subsequent treatment with a conditioner, conditioner or conditioner.

If you want to straighten your hair directly after washing, please make sure to blow-dry it with a cool, semi-dry step, as it is susceptible to damage when wet and will bend quickly.

The right smoothing iron

To find the right iron for your needs click here.

Heat protection

There is a whole range of heat protection sprays  that form a buffer between hair and straightening iron, thus preventing a sharp rise in temperature.


After your straightener has reached its working temperature, take your hair - strand by strand - and pull it closed from the hairline to the ends. The strand should be 2-4 centimeters thick.

Never pull the strand down. This way your hair loses its structure and runs the risk of hanging down frayed and lifeless later. Keep the strand horizontally away from the head.

Never start directly at the base. First treat your lower hair, then your top coat.

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