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Erbe's new premium design shaving series now also available at Hairstyletools

The new Premium Design shaving series from Erbe is now also available at Hairstyletools. 

The Premium Design series are high-quality shaving articles made of different materials and designs that can be freely combined according to your mood and taste. 

"Put together your favourites" and create your shaving set for yourself. Combine the handmade brushes and shavers to your taste - with matching holder, with or without shaving bowl. This is how your personal favourite set is created. 

1. shaving brush:

the shaving brushes are available in the "Premium Design Series" in 3 quality levels: 

1.1 Silver tip

The Silvertip Shaving Brush has the highest quality of all badger hairs. A special feature is the silver shimmering coloration with a black ribbon. It can produce a particularly rich foam. It is suitable for very sensitive skin with a tendency to irritation. 

1.2 Badger hair

The hair provides an optimal foam formation and a pleasant massage effect on the skin. It is firmer and darker than the higher quality Silberspitz shaving brush. Like any badger hair, it is water-repellent, elastic, robust and durable. 

1.3 Synthetics

The synthetic shaving brush has a purely vegan quality. It resembles the natural brushes in colouring and softness and has similarly good usage properties. This brush can be used to create an equally creamy shaving foam. 2. 

2. the different types of blades

2.1 Gillette Fusion

The 5-blade system ensures a precise and skin-friendly shave. 5-blades, which are even narrower than Mach3, help to reduce the pressure on the individual blades and make shaving even more pleasant.


2.2 Gillette Mach3

The blade system ensures a thorough shave with less skin irritation. A Lubra strip ensures smooth gliding and protects against skin irritations, while the Skin Guard tightens the skin for an optimal shave and prepares the hair for shaving. 

2.3 Tradition

The Tradition razor uses a razor blade that protrudes just a little from the plane to avoid major cuts. This is why the razor is also known as a safety razor. 

ERBE has created 6 exclusive design series in different shapes, materials, colours and qualities:


Premium Design Berlin (go to the series)


made of stainless steel, walnut, oak, maple and aluminium

Berlin - the modern, traditional city that gave its name to the shaver series "Erbe Premium Design Berlin". Modern, clear forms and durable, proven materials such as stainless steel, coated aluminium and the finest woods captivate in this "Made in Solingen Collection".

Premium Design Milano  (go to the series)

wenge wood, olive wood and refined metal

In the shopping and fashion metropolis in northern Italy, the inspiration for this noble series in classic modern design was born. The handles, which lie well in the hand, are either made of precious woods or of high-quality refined metal.

Premium Design Paris (go to the series)

 Fine hair in white and black

Terms such as exclusive and extravagant describe the city of love, as well as the characteristics of this series "Erbe Premium Design Paris". Precious resins in black and white as the finest materials of the conically shaped handles in combination with high-gloss refined metal.


Premium Design Vienna (go to the series)


Olive wood and precious resin in black

the historical beauty of Vienna in connection with traditional elegance planes of the series "Erbe Premiumdesign Vienna". The materials used for the handles are precious woods or attractive, black precious resins in ergonomic shape.

Premium Design Barcelona (go to the series)


precious resin in black

The modern series "Erbe Premium Design Barcelona" is the perfect match for the young, lively city of pure joie de vivre. The stylish, ergonomically shaped handles are made of precious resin in timelessly modern black.

Premium Design New York (go to the series)


Refined metal and precious resin in black

Pulsating life and dynamic life Energy, glamour and glamour - that's New York - go with the shaver series of the same name "Erbe Premium Design New York".

Materials such as titanium, refined, high-gloss metal or timelessly modern, black precious resins result in a noble design with clear lines.

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