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Important safety features of hair dryers

FI switch

Is a switch, which is located in is installed in virtually all bathroom circuits and eliminates the risk of electric shock by immediately interrupting the flow of current to all electrical appliances. Since the mid 1980's, the RCD has been mandatory in almost all countries for new buildings and renovations.

Overheating protection

a component that protects users as well as hair dryers by temporarily switching off the hair dryer in case of overheating.

Hotel - Security - Push button switch

the hair dryer only runs when the switch is pressed. As soon as the switch is released, the hair dryer switches off immediately. The push-button switch provides additional safety if the hair dryer is accidentally dropped or not switched off.

Protection class II - double insulation

only hair dryers with protection class II are double electrically insulated and may be installed in bathrooms.

Mains disconnection switch

on one one minus bar Switch on the wall bracket, which cuts off all power to the unit. A safety requirement that is mandatory in certain countries.

Schuko socket

an earthed connection for earthing contact plug.

Shaver socket

this option allows you to connect an electric shaver or charge a mobile phone. Certain hair dryers all have a switch to operate at different voltages - 230 V and 115 V.

Drawer Storage

especially suitable for storage in a drawer

Direct connection

the power connection is made directly in the wall bracket. The hair dryer is permanently installed.

Connection to power socket

the hair dryer has a cable with a plug for connection to a power outlet.

IP degrees of protection and protection classes

IP degrees of protection and protection classes define the use of electrical and electronic equipment under difficult environmental conditions such as outdoors or in damp rooms. The 1st digit indicates protection against contact or foreign bodies, the 2nd digit indicates protection against water and moisture. In some countries, a 3rd digit is added to this number to provide information about the mechanical properties of the equipment.

Degrees of protection according to DIN EN 60529 (IEC 529/VDE 047 T1)

As far as they are necessary for products of this online shop.

  Second code number (water protection)

First code number 

(mechanical strength)


no protection


































Splash water





IP 0.X  no protection IP 00        
IP 1.X Protection against ingress of foreign bodies   < 50mm IP 10 IP 11 IP 12    
IP 2.X Protection against ingress of foreign bodies  < 12mm IP 20 IP 21 IP 22 IP 23  
IP 3.X Protection against ingress of foreign bodies  < 2,5 mm IP 30 IP 31 IP 32 IP 33 IP 34
IP 4.X Protection against ingress of foreign bodies  < 1 mm IP 40 IP 41 IP 42 IP 43 IP 44

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