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At what age should you blow-dry babies' hair?

At what age can you blow-dry babies' hair?

A widespread misconception that has been around for a very long time is that mothers think they should not blow-dry their babies' hair. Of course, the scalp of a newborn baby is very sensitive and needs special protection.
A 2000 W hairdryer on full blast should not be used on your beloved offspring. Common hair dryers often get too hot for baby's scalp. Babies also often find the strong airflow and loud noise frightening.
However, since it is sometimes important not to put your baby to bed with damp hair or to take it outdoors in winter, there are specially designed hair dryers for baby's scalp and needs.
These baby hair dryers do not dry the hair so hot, use only gentle air currents and are quieter than conventional hair dryers. At Hairstyletools we trust the Swiss Bebe by Valera, a baby hairdryer with a warm airflow of 45°C with a gentle breeze of only 10l/s with 2 temperature airflow switch combinations and a safety ON/OFF switch. The Bebe is manufactured to a high standard in Switzerland, it is not a cheap Asian import.
By the way, many children love blow-drying!!! And not only on the hair, but on the whole naked body. You can set the warm setting and then blow dry from about 40cm. Whether your child likes a mild or stronger wind, you have to try it out. If you are blow-drying naked, be careful that a comfortably deposited stream of urine does not come into contact with the hairdryer. Otherwise, simply turn the baby onto its stomach to blow dry.
If you only want to blow-dry the hair, you should first dress your child and place it safely. Your child will signal its comfort to you.

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