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Hair styling tips and instructions - Hospitality - Shaving and care

Here we have summarised our thoughts on the subject of hotel renovation and refurbishment. Also the importance of hotel furnishings and bathroom fittings
Safety first: The RCD and the Valera Secure Jet 7600 at a glance Hairdryers are an integral part of our everyday lives, but how safe are they? The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) has taken a closer look. Their findings cannot be ignored. In this article, we shed light on how safe hair dryers are.

The new Valera SWISS STEEL MASTER hair dryers

"Dive into the world of hair care innovation with our latest blog post! Learn all about the groundbreaking Valera Swiss Steel hair dryers - from powerful motors to user-friendly hospitality features and smart safety functions. Discover why these models not only stand for impressive styling results, but also inspire with their technology and features. From push-on/off switches to thermal fuses - find out why Valera Swiss Steel hair dryers are the perfect choice for every requirement!"
Make your shaving morning a highlight with the Bolin Webb Generation shaving set for men! Choose between the 4 colours black, grey, blue and red.
Bolin Webb aluminium shaving sets awarded with the iF Design Award 2023
Generations Black
Generation Graphite
Generation Blue
Generation Red

Leg shaving for men

Leg shaving for men- What is the best way for men to shave their legs, what should they look out for? How do men prevent pimples and pustules?
Women's safety razors - Are they useful? For leg shaving armpit shaving and intimate shaving? What do I have to pay attention to? How does the shave? Read all the info here.
We answer the questions: Which hair dryer attachments do you need for what? What is a diffuser for? What are ondulating nozzles? How do you use hairdryer attachments correctly?

How do I find the right Straight razor

Straight razors are great and truly classic. But you need to know more, about blade material, razor head and shaving cut and ....
What are the exact differences between beard and hair clippers? Are there differences? Can I use the hair clippers for the beard?

Important safety features of hair dryers

Important security features and features that are important for a purchase of a hair dryer, especially in the commercial sector. These are the things you should know about hair dryers. You should know these terms.
The first really working splinter remover for home use. Here you can read how the Splitt Ender from Talavera works. See for yourself.
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