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Leg shaving for men

Should I shave my legs as a man? 

A question that men ask themselves. Do the legs still look manly then? Why shave your legs? 

You have to answer the question of appearance for yourself. Leg shaving is practical for us men, especially for athletes.
Why do athletes shave and trim their leg hair? One reason often cited is that aerodynamics don't really play a role. The time advantage is in the nanosecond range. This will probably be different for swimmers or triathletes.

One reason for removing leg hair in men is grooming. A massage with oil is much more pleasant without hair. A cool gel after training/competition or a preparatory gel before the session is much easier to massage in.
Hairless legs are very helpful in case of injuries. Road cyclists or speed skaters are familiar with large abrasions caused by falls on asphalt. Here, hair can grow into the wound, which can lead to very unpleasant long-term consequences. Wound care with hydrocolloid pads or similar is easier and less complicated. The plasters stick better and are easy to remove.
Good, we could clarify that depilated men's legs have practical reasons.

This brings us to the question of shaving or waxing men's legs? 

Waxing is very practical and it gives you a few weeks of peace. I myself was not satisfied with waxing. You remove the hair roots when you wax. That's why the hair grows back much more slowly. The problem with me, however, was that the hairs liked to grow into the skin when they grew back and caused unsightly pimples. The problem increased every time I waxed or epilated until it was no longer possible. It took two dermatologists and months to get my legs pimple-free again. I also had the same problem with epilation.

I was left with shaving. The next question is:

Which razor is the right one for men's legs? What is the best way for a man to shave his legs? 

There are two main options here: wet shaving or dry shaving. 

Let's start with wet shaving: 

Which razor is the best for shaving legs? You can choose between the classic system razor with Gillette Mach3 blades, disposable razors or safety razors. Disposable razors are out of the question for environmental reasons. You produce a lot of plastic waste over the course of a year. Better are razors where you only have to change the system blade. I would advise you to use razors with 3 blades rather than razors with 5 blades. The latter simply clog up faster. The spaces between the blades quickly become clogged with shaving debris. The safety razor is better for the environment because there is no plastic waste. Blades cost less than 10 cents and are unbeatably cheap. However, the safety razor requires a bit of practice before you can shave your athlete's legs without any accidents.  

Whichever wet razor you choose, here's how to best shave your road cycling legs: 

Shaving is only possible with short hair, we are talking about a few millimetres. Otherwise, the system razors will clog up immediately. The safety razor is only slightly less susceptible. So when you shave your legs for the first time, shorten the hair with a hair trimmer. Use whatever you have at hand, be it a body groomer, hair trimmer or beard trimmer. It's great if the device cuts hair down to 0 mm. Specialised in body hair are Bodygroomer.
After the mat is off, it's on to further preparation:
Shaving after a shower or bath is perfect, your (remaining) hair is nice and soft afterwards, your pores are open. If you want and it is good for your skin, prepare the skin with a Preshave Öl.
For the actual shave, use shaving foam. If you have little experience, use  shaving cream or shaving foam for sensitive skin, which should not irritate your skin.  
No matter which razor you choose, use sharp blades. As soon as the shave starts to pull, change the razor or blade. 

Now for the shaving technique for your leg shave: 

Shave first with the direction of growth
Glide the razor gently and without pressure from the knuckle. 
It is better to shave short rather than long strokes.
Stretch or straighten the area to be shaved with your free hand.
Rinse the blade after each stroke - this removes hair residue and foam.
Bend the knee, so you can shave the knee without any accidents.
Be careful on the most sensitive areas, such as your knees or ankles.
Care for the legs after shaving:
Your legs feel unfamiliarly smooth after shaving? A nice feeling. Treat your legs with a special Aftershave Lotion. These cool, refresh and disinfect your legs. You'll love the fact that no lotion or cream will smear on your hair. 

How often do you need to shave your legs?

How often, it depends. You only shave the hair. The hair roots are still there. You notice that they grow back after a few days. 
Don't let them grow too long, otherwise the shaving won't work so well. Expect to shave once or twice a week. 
Caution: Please do not shave your legs if you have open sores or rashes on your legs. 

Up to where I should shave my legs?

My clear recommendation is that if you're going to shave, then shave your whole leg. I think everything else is a mess. For one thing, it doesn't look good if you shave your lower leg but not your thigh. Secondly, your road cycling shorts or other shorts will not protect you from abrasions in the event of a fall. As described above, wound care is much easier. 
Do it like a man: If you are going to shave your legs, then do it properly! 

Are tattoos a problem for leg shaving?

You can also depilate tattooed legs without hesitation. Exceptions are, of course, fresh tattoos.  

What is the best way to shave your legs now? 

My own personal opinion, with a dry razor. I use the Wahl 
Here, too, I have to shave once or twice a week. But the shave is really problem-free. No cutting, no pimples or anything like that because my skin doesn't tolerate the shaving cream, no aftershave lotion required. Just give it a try. I've been shaving my legs like this for years. Battery-operated razors are practical here, they give you the freedom you need to shave. A good combination device here is the Wahl Body Groomer - Grooms Man Battery 
The appliance is multifunctional and can be used for shearing and shaving.

Shaving after a shower or bath is perfect, your (remaining) hair is nice and soft afterwards, your pores are open. If you want and it is good for your skin, prepare the skin with a

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