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DAFNI Muse Hot Brush

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Dafni Muse Hair Styling Hot Brush Simple - Fast - Safe Ideal for short to medium / half length...more

Dafni Muse Hair Styling Hot Brush

Simple - Fast - Safe
Ideal for short to medium / half length hair
Shapes curls and waves Smoothes short hair

DAFNI Muse is an innovative hot brush that is simple and easy to use. You can use it to quickly and safely style your hair and create a variety of looks. From compact, defined ringlets to soft, casual waves, just the way you like it.

Muse is designed to create perfectly styled, shiny and healthy-looking looks on straight or curly hair.

Easy and quick to use, Muse allows you to style even large sections of hair with a single brush stroke.

Long-lasting results thanks to advanced technologies.

Gentler on your hair thanks to the constant styling temperature of 185 ° C (365 ° F). This is the optimal styling temperature for effective styling and protection from unnecessary hair damage.

Special anti-frizz bristles eliminate frizz and deliver silky, smooth styling results.

Safer to use, 3 rows of bristles protect against the hot ceramic surface.

With the Muse Hot Brush, DAFNI revolutionises hair straightening. The hot hair styling brush is intuitive and easy to use. From compact and defined ringlets to casual waves, every style is achieved safely, easily, quickly and gently. Thanks to the innovative brush, even large sections of hair can be shaped with a single brush stroke. The most advanced technology ensures long-lasting results, special anti-frizz bristles give the hair a silky look and protect it from the hot ceramic surface. Hair is effectively styled and protected from damage.



Use only on dry, combed through hair.
Switch on the brush and wait 60 seconds for it to heat up.
Start at the roots and then rotate the brush through the entire length to the ends.
Allow the styled section to cool for 2-3 seconds so that it retains its shape.
Style all sections of hair as desired.


DAFNI is the first hair straightening brush with patented 3D technology.
10x faster than a straightening iron with 7x larger surface area.
DAFNI heats to the perfect styling temperature of 185 ° C in under a minute. The DAFNI Hot Brush glides gently through the hair and brings it into perfect shape in three to five minutes. The secret is the unique 3D design that guides between the hair strands instead of guiding between 2D plates.
Customised, heat-resistant bristles with pressure adjustment mechanism for safer and more effective styling from roots to tips.
Housing: Heat-resistant materials also used by NASA.
Automatic shut-off after 15 minutes.
2.4 metre long cable

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