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Choosing the right vanity mirror

Is choosing the right cosmetic mirror important? We think YES! The make-up mirror is the first requirement for a beautiful make-up or a thorough shave. Therefore, the vanity mirror is not only something for us girls, but also for the guys. The make-up mirror can be optimally adapted to your needs and requirements. Besides a well-groomed skin or a sharp blade, a vanity mirror is definitely important. The basic prerequisite for a good start to the day. This way you can be sure to leave the house with a perfect make-up or a well-groomed shave.

What should you look for when buying a mirror? Here is an overview of the most important criteria:


1. The light

Here, an honest assessment of your bathroom is important for the selection of your vanity mirror. Is it bright enough? Then an unlit mirror will do. But if it's not bright enough or the colour temperature of your bathroom lighting is suboptimal, then always go for an illuminated vanity mirror. An illuminated beauty mirror or wall mirror for your bathroom is available with different types of lighting.

Illuminated mirrors with LED lighting are common. They produce a light similar to daylight and thus optimise make-up for outdoors. It's great to have a light source with different colour temperatures. This means you can also optimise your make-up for the warm interior lighting in the evening. So the question - which light is suitable for make-up - is not so easy to answer.

Now the final decision about the light: where do I get the electricity? It's great, of course, if your bathroom design allows you to connect a 220-volt mirror. Then the question is quickly explained:
What is a direct connection? In this case, the mirror, or rather the mirror lighting, is connected directly to the mains. There is no plug and a socket is unnecessary.
Is your partner bitching because he doesn't want to take the tiles off the wall to lay a new power line? There are vanity mirrors with battery-operated lighting to keep the peace in the house.

Click here for mirrors with light

Click here for mirrors without light


2. The shape

A rough distinction can be made between rectangular and round vanity mirrors. Round, illuminated make-up mirrors with all-round lighting are great for us girls. They illuminate your face perfectly. But the design language of your bathroom may not match your mirror? Round bathroom furniture is rare and the wall mirror is rather angular? Then a square or rectangular mirror will do. The boys get along fine with a square mirror anyway.

Click here for the square mirrors

Click here for the round mirrors


3. The magnification

Important question: What magnification should a cosmetic mirror have?
Cosmetic mirrors with magnification (therefore called magnifying mirrors) are great for activities that require precise work. This includes plucking eyebrows or drawing eyeliner. Make-up mirrors are usually available with 3x, 5x and up to 10x magnification. Sometimes people ask for beauty mirrors with 20x or 30x magnification. Such magnification is unusual and not useful. To see the overall result, I advise you to look into the normal bathroom mirror. That is why some mirrors are mirrored on both sides. One side without magnification for the overall result, the other side with magnification for the details.
A well-stocked bathroom should have a magnifying mirror, preferably a magnifying mirror with light.


4. The mount

You can find vanity mirrors in different holders:

  • Wall mirror
  • Stand mirror
  • Mirrors with suction cup
  • for gluing or with magnets.

All beauty mirrors have advantages and disadvantages. The simplest are the standing mirrors. They do not need to be mounted. However, they must stand securely and not interfere. If the stand mirror is also illuminated, the power cable must not interfere.
Stick-on magnifying mirrors are also very practical. Drilling is not necessary, and it does not get in the way. If it's not stuck to the bathroom mirror, it can always be removed without leaving a trace.

Have you already found your favourite place? Wonderful, the cosmetic mirror with telescopic arm, the telescopic mirror, can also serve as a compromise between a wall mirror and a standing mirror.


Here you will find our cosmetic mirrors. Use the filter to find the mirror that suits your needs.

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