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The art of hotel renovation: from bathrooms to guest room furnishings

You enter a hotel and immediately sense a touch of luxury and comfort. What is behind this appealing ambience? The answer lies in a carefully thought-out hotel renovation and hotel refurbishment. This includes the architecture and furnishings of the rooms. Today we take a closer look at key elements of hotel renovation and their importance for the guest experience.

Bathroom refurbishment: the centrepiece of the hotel transformation

A bathroom renovation is an important step in hotel refurbishment. Modern bathrooms should be functional and convey a feeling of luxury. High-quality tiles, elegant fittings and spacious shower cubicles create a relaxing atmosphere that guarantees guests a pleasant stay. A well thought-out bathroom refurbishment is essential to raise the hotel to a new level. Hairstyletools will help you with the furnishings.

1) With the bathroom fittings

2) With the cosmetic mirrors


Hotel hairdryers and hotel hair dryers: more than just practical tools

Hotel hairdryers and hotel hair dryers are not just practical tools, but important elements of hotel equipment. Modern appliances offer high drying values and innovative technologies that treat the hair gently. For guests, a high-quality hairdryer is an important element that makes their stay more pleasant. It is important to opt for high-quality models when refurbishing hotels. This will fulfil guests' expectations. Click here for the hotel hair dryers at

Cosmetic mirrors and beauty mirrors: perfect additions to the bathroom

Cosmetic mirrors and beauty mirrors are perfect additions to any hotel bathroom. With their magnifying function, they enable precise beauty rituals, from make-up to facial care. Modern designs and high-quality materials make them attractive accessories. They enhance the bathroom and give guests a feeling of luxury. These small details should not be neglected when renovating a hotel. Click here for the cosmetic mirrors from

Room furnishings: the secret to a successful stay

Room furnishings play a decisive role in the guest experience. From the choice of furniture to the design of the lighting, every element should be carefully planned. The aim is to create an inviting atmosphere. Modern hotel rooms are characterised by clear aesthetics and high-quality materials. These promote the comfort and relaxation of guests. Successful room furnishings are therefore an essential part of any hotel refurbishment.

Why are hotel facilities important?

Hotel facilities are crucial to the success of a hotel. They have a significant impact on the guest experience and can determine whether a guest returns or not. High-quality furnishings such as bathroom fittings, hairdryers and room furniture contribute to a positive impression. This increases guest satisfaction. Hoteliers should therefore pay particular attention to the selection and quality of hotel furnishings when renovating their hotel. Click here for guest room furnishings at Hairstyletools

The importance of an experienced hotel fitter

When renovating a hotel, it is important to rely on the expertise of an experienced hotel cleaner. A professional hotel cleaner has the necessary expertise and experience. The aim is to design the hotel to the highest standards. From planning to implementation, they support hoteliers in getting the best out of their hotel. Guests are offered an unforgettable experience.

Modern hotel room furnishings: the key to success

Modern hotel room furnishings are the key to success in today's competitive landscape. Guests are looking for unique experiences and a high level of comfort and luxury. A careful selection of high-quality furnishing elements is important. So is a well thought-out room design. This enables hoteliers to fulfil guest expectations and make their hotel a popular travel destination.

Hotel equipment online shop: A convenient solution for hoteliers here at

For hoteliers, an online hotel equipment shop offers a convenient solution for purchasing high-quality hotel furnishings. From bathroom fittings to room accessories, offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of different hotels. By buying online, hoteliers save time and effort in finding the right equipment for their hotel. 

Overall, hotel refurbishment is a complex process that requires careful planning and implementation. From bathroom refurbishment to room furnishings, every detail is important to create an unforgettable guest experience. By utilising high-quality hotel facilities, hoteliers can ensure that their hotel meets guests' expectations. This makes them loyal customers. Visit for a comprehensive selection of professional hotel equipment and start your hotel refurbishment.

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