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Product innovation: Split Ender Pro 2 for less split ends

Well-groomed, healthy looking hair is an important part of your own beauty. However, the longer the hair is, the more prone it is to split ends. If you want to remove split ends at home, you have had little opportunity to do so until now. With the new Split Ender Pro 2 from Talavera, however, this is now possible without any problems and your hair will shine with a new shine. In our shop we offer you the original Talavera product in the colours red and black. It is suitable for use at home and does not need to be handled by a hairdresser. Learn more about the new Split Ender Pro 2 and how you can remove split ends with it.

How the split ends remover from Talavera works

Before the split ends are removed with the new hair care appliance, the hair must be washed thoroughly. This will remove all residues of care products and hair styling products. This is important for the later use of the appliance, because residues of care products reduce the success of the application. After washing, the hair is dried thoroughly. Only when they are completely dry again can the actual application begin. If you have a tendency to curly hair, ideally straighten the hair for easier handling.

Now the first strand of hair is separated from the rest of the hair and placed in the Split Ender. By the way, this is always done from the hairline to the tips. Depending on the existing split end, the strand of hair is pulled through the appliance three or more times. The fine cutting edges inside ensure that splintered hair is cut off a few millimetres in length, making the hair look much better groomed and healthier. This process is repeated for the entire hair. It is important not to choose too thick strands and to invest a little more time. With medium-length hair, a period of about 30 minutes should be allowed for the application. With longer hair or hair that is heavily affected by split ends, the duration can be increased. By the way, the effect is noticeable immediately after application, as the hair feels silkier and smoother.

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Buy Splitt Ender: fast shipping in our online shop

You want to try out the advantages of the device yourself, remove chippings without visiting the hairdresser at home and buy the new chippings ender? Then choose the desired colour of the device in our assortment and order it with a few clicks in our online shop! We will make your delivery ready for shipping shortly afterwards and you will get your new hair care device delivered directly to your home. Convince yourself of the advantages of the original Talavera Split Ender Pro 2!

By the way, you can of course get the original Splitt Ender from Talavera.

There is a whole range of plagiarism on the net, which of course cannot compete with the original. So please make sure to buy the original. We at Hairstyletoosl guarantee to sell only original products, we are supplied exclusively by the manufacturers or general importers.

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