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Tips for proper hair drying


Straight wet hair is extremely sensitive. Therefore please do not brush and rub your hair rabiat, but dab it gently.

Also and just hot blow-drying is very harmful for your hair. The water in the hair evaporates and the resulting pressure bursts the softened surface. Even 100 degrees are almost fatal for wet hair - dry hair, on the other hand, can withstand 175 degrees well. But if you follow the right technique, you can blow dry every day without any problems and without damaging it.

There is a whole range of heat protection sprays. These form a buffer between hair and straightening iron and thus prevent a sharp rise in temperature. 


Correct temperature

Do not blow dry on the hottest level. The temperature should be comfortable on the back of your hand.

Minimum distance

The hairdryer should be at least 20 centimetres away from your hair.

Correct air strength

With fine hair set the air strength weakly, because otherwise it knots quickly.

Hairdryer technique

Hairdry each strand of hair individually from the roots to the ends. This smoothes the dandruff layer and protects your hair from environmental influences.


Always keep your hairdryer moving so that the heat doesn't stay on one spot too long. Divide your hair into sections before blow-drying and fix them with large hair clips.

Work from the neck towards the top of the head - this way you prevent the hot air from hitting the same spot too often.

When you don't have much time

If things have to go fast, keep the temperature low anyway, rather raise the blower level.

Heat protection 

Always use a heat protection product that protects your hair.

Do not blow dry directly after washing.

It's great if you don't start blow-drying until 15 minutes after washing. Dry your hair under a towel turban.

Diffuser attachment

Use a diffuser attachment that distributes the outflowing air and protects your hair from excessive heat.

Cold key (Hairdryer with cold key)

Finally, use the cold key. The cold air removes the last warmth from your hair, giving it more elasticity.

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