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Tips for wet shaving for men


Determine your beard growth direction 

If you only have to do it once, your beard growth direction does not change. The determination is good with a three-day beard, there the growth direction is well recognizable.

Divide your face into the following sectors:

right cheek area
left cheek area
right neck
left neck
lip area
chin area

Look at each sector and find out where the beard hairs grow from the follicles.


Before shaving, soak the face with warm water - or wet it with a warm, damp towel for at least 30 seconds. This makes the beard hair soft, it becomes more elastic and flexible, which protects your razor blade and your skin.
Also very good: shave after the hot shower, then your skin is well prepared.
Wash face and neck with an appropriate cleanser that removes sebum (sebum) and dirt particles.

Pre-Shave Oil protects the skin from the blade. Massage in a few drops of Pre-Shave Oil to create a protective film between skin and blade that protects your skin, preventing or minimizing razor burn, redness or skin irritation.


Apply shaving cream, shaving soap or shaving gel. The shaving foam should be applied to your moist skin with a brush against the direction of hair growth. This creates a protective barrier between your skin and your razor blade. The use of a brush will straighten up your beard hair and create a particularly fine pored and creamy foam. Make sure you use a badger hair brush that produces a fine-pored, creamy foam and is much more comfortable for your skin than any other brush.

Choose razor head, prepare blade

The choice of razor is up to your personal taste, whether it's the classic razor, the razor plane or the modern high quality multi-blade system. If you have an upper lip or goatee beard, think about the classic razor plane, which is perfect for contours.

No matter which blade:

  • Rinse off with hot water, so the blades don't stick together and warm steel simply cuts better than cold steel.
  • always shave in beard direction
  • shave only short games
  • Rinse shavers at short intervals under running hot water.
  • work with low pressure
  • we recommend the following order:
    • cheek area
    • neck area
    • lip area
    • chin area
  • If it is to be particularly thorough:
    • foam again (there should still be enough foam on the shaving brush)
    • this time shave crosswise to the beard growth direction
    • but beware: never against the beard growth direction!

After shaving


  • rinse your face with warm water to remove foam residue
  • then rinse your face with cold water, this causes the pores to shrink again, possible blood leakages are closed
  • Dab your face dry, do not rub and dry it with a clean towel.
  • Apply an aftershave balm to soothe your skin and protect it from bacterial influences, a light massage will do you good.
  • after the balm has dried up:
  • Apply a moisturizer to moisturize and nourish your skin.
  • Note: do not apply perfume to freshly shaved skin, spray perfume on chest, shoulders and neck, never on face.

Brush and razor cleansing

Wash the brush thoroughly to remove the soap residue. Then knock it out several times to remove the water residue from the brush.

Clean the razor under warm running water and let it dry in the holder.


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