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Differences-hair trimmer-and-beard trimmer

Of course, the clippers were first developed and built for other areas of use. Hair clippers, as the name suggests, are designed for cutting hair, while beard trimmers are used for trimming beards of all kinds.

In fact, head hair is significantly different from beard hair. Beard hair tends to be thicker and stronger, which is why the blades of beard trimmers are stronger and more powerful than those of hair trimmers. Head hair tends to be thinner and therefore the blades of hair trimmers are designed slightly differently.

Besides the different blades, the devices differ in size and attachments.

Since trimming, trimming or trimming with a bath sometimes requires millimetre precision, the attachments are usually narrower than those of the hair clippers. Beard trimmers usually have an attachment width of 25-35 mm, which enables precise work on the beard.

The attachments are also thinner and usually much finer graduated to allow individual party left. The attachments allow trimming to the millimetre, especially for short beard styles.

Hair clippers have wider attachments, usually between 30 and 60 mm. The attachments are not as finely graduated, but go up to 18 mm and above.

At Hairstyletools you can get high-quality hair clippers and beard trimmers from the following brands

Wahl from Germany
Valera from Switzerland
Andis from the USA

All 3 manufacturers are companies with decades of tradition and high-quality products for the professional sector. They are among the best hair clippers and beard trimmers on the market.

Professional hair clippers are characterised by long-lasting blades as well as robust and stable workmanship of the devices that allow a long life of the hair trimmers.

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