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Valera Secure Jet 7600 hairdryer with its own residual current circuit breaker

Safety first: The RCD and the Valera Secure Jet 7600 at a glance

Hairdryers are an integral part of our everyday lives, but how safe are they? The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) has taken a closer look. Their findings cannot be ignored. In this article, we shed light on how safe hair dryers are.

Do hair dryers with a built-in RCD offer more safety?

This article focuses on the findings of the BAuA.

We take a look at the advantages of the Valera Secure Jet 7600, which is available here at

Safety in the bathroom: the role of the RCD

In its comprehensive study

"Safety of electrical household appliances - electrical accidents"

emphasised the importance of residual current circuit breakers (RCDs). These protective mechanisms play a decisive role in minimising the risk of electrical accidents.

The RCD recognises residual currents and interrupts the circuit immediately. Vital in the bathroom, a humid environment.

For children, the elderly and the confused: Why the hairdryer could be particularly good

The findings emphasise that hairdryers with their own RCD are important for certain groups of people. They are beneficial for children, the elderly and confused people.

Children are curious and run the risk of using the hairdryer inappropriately. Elderly people have difficulty using electrical appliances safely.

The danger: If the hairdryer falls into the water

One scenario that is underestimated is the risk of the hairdryer falling into water. This could lead to electrical accidents. This is where the RCD comes into play again. It recognises the risk of a short circuit and switches off immediately to prevent injury. This safety function should not be overlooked when choosing a hairdryer.

Particular caution in older buildings: The in-house RCD can become a problem here

With almost all hair dryers, the fuse is passed on to the house electrics. RCDs are almost never installed in the hairdryer. It is important to know that the RCD provides a crucial safety function. In older buildings, the RCD can be problematic. The electrics in older buildings do not always meet the requirements of modern electrics. It is advisable to check the electrical conditions before buying a hairdryer and seek professional advice if necessary. This is all the more important if the above-mentioned group of people includes flatmates.

Valera Secure Jet 7600: Maximum safety and outstanding performance

The Valera Secure Jet 7600 is an example of a hairdryer that fulfils the highest safety standards. With its built-in residual current circuit breaker, it offers protection against electrical accidents and scores with additional benefits:

Electrostop residual current circuit breaker: Detects residual currents and protects against electrical accidents.

Powerful: With 2000 watts, the Valera Secure Jet 7600 ensures fast and efficient drying.

Ion technology: Cares for the hair and gives it a healthy shine.

Setting options: Customisable with 3 temperature settings and 2 blower settings.

Ergonomic design: Handy and lightweight for comfortable use.

Conclusion: Make your styling ritual safe

The safety of hair dryers is not a minor matter. The findings of the BAuA emphasise the importance of RCDs. The Valera Secure Jet 7600 combines maximum safety with first-class performance.

If you are looking for THE hairdryer. That combines perfect styling and safety, then the Valera Secure Jet 7600 is the choice.

And remember, it's available in the online shop - for maximum safety and style in one.

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