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The new Valera SWISS STEEL MASTER hair dryers

The ultimate hairdryer experience:
Discover the innovation of the Valera Swiss Steel models

The completely newly developed successor to the Swiss Metal series.
A real breakthrough in the world of hair care has arrived - the Valera Swiss Steel models. These hair dryers epitomise a combination of state-of-the-art technology and stylish design. All models are made of chrome-plated premium steel.

In this blog post we take a look at the models. The new motors that ensure outstanding performance and the models that are specially designed for the hospitality sector.

Motors that inspire: DC vs AC vs Delta Drive

Valera Swiss Steel favours diversity when it comes to motors.

A model of longevity: The DC motor can be found in the SWISS STEEL Master DIGITAL models. It is the most powerful and longest-lasting motor of up to 10,000 hours.
This motor is perfect for everyday use and enables effortless handling of the hairdryer. The ionic technology in combination with the DC motor ensures less frizz and adds shine to the hair.

The AC motor in the Swiss Steel Master is the ideal choice for professional use and hairdressing salons. AC motors are synonymous with durability and performance. This ensures that the hairdryer works reliably for longer drying times.
The power and durability of the AC motor make the Swiss Steel Pro an indispensable tool. The new AC motor is lighter and the dimensions have been reduced.

The SWISS STEEL MASTER LIGHT is ideal for home.
With their Delta-Drive motors. Designed for high performance figures with significantly lower weight.
The SWISS STEEL MASTER LIGHT is available in the following versions:

  • Chrome
  • Black Chrome
  • Gold 

The hospitality revolution from Valera: Push-On-Off switches and TF models

The vintage flair for hotels. With the SWISS STEEL range, Valera combines iconic steel hair dryers with a timeless shape.
Inside you will find the latest technology. The hair dryers fulfil the highest safety standards for the hospitality industry.
Whether for hotels, spas or swimming pools.
Valera Swiss Steel goes one step further and meets the needs of the hospitality sector. The models with Push-On-Off switches offer a user-friendly experience by enabling switching on and off with a simple push. This feature is practical and ensures ease of use. Perfect for hotels, spas and other hospitality environments. This saves energy and prevents hair dryers from running unnecessarily when not in use. Brilliant performance when you need it and silence when you don't!

The TF models from Valera Swiss Steel set new standards in safety and reliability. TF stands for thermal fuse. These models have a safety function that prevents the hairdryer from overheating. The thermal fuse ensures the longevity of the appliance. It gives the host the assurance that the hairdryer is protected even under maximum load.

With the TF models, Valera relies on technology that raises performance and safety to a new level.

Equipment that inspires in almost all models: 
  • Diffuser
  • Ion generator
  • Cold air button
  • Extra narrow ondulating nozzle
  • Removable metal filter
Overall, the new Valera Swiss Steel models set a new standard in hair care. Whether you are looking for professional performance, user-friendly functions for the guest area or a comprehensive range of features, Valera Swiss Steel will make drying your hair a real pleasure. 
Valera Swiss Steel makes drying and styling your hair a real pleasure. Get ready for a hairdryer experience in a class of its own!
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Equipment that inspires in almost all models: 


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