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What should I know about hair dryers?

What should I pay attention to when buying? Which device is the right one for me? 

Drying bonnets from the hairdressing salon. They are available as floor-standing, wall-mounted or floating units. 

How do drying bonnets work?

The drying bonnet blows warm air gently and evenly onto the hair. It does this with a much lower air flow than a hairdryer and thus works more gently and pleasantly for your hair. You can style your hair into the desired shape even when it is wet. The hair does not swirl around in the airflow. The hairdryer is therefore a brilliant addition to curlers. Here we have the "The O" by Cloud Nine or the Quick 24 Plus by Valera in our range.

Conclusion: Although the drying process takes a little longer than with a professional hairdryer, it is gentler on your hair.

Floating bonnets are particularly suitable for use at home. They can be stored in a space-saving way. Floating bonnets are usually light, textile bonnets that are simply pulled over the head. After use, they can be conveniently stored in the cupboard.

The beauty of floating bonnets is that the user remains flexible. If the cord is long enough, you can still be mobile while drying near a power socket. You can still work or relax in your armchair.

Drying bonnets with ionic technology also ensure that the hair dries even more gently and an anti-static effect prevents flying hair. 

Advantages of drying bonnets

Unlike hair dryers, bonnet dryers work with gentle air blowing and do not destroy the intended hairstyle or curls that have been twisted in.
They work with gentle heat, which is gentle on the hair. This makes them ideal for daily use without stressing your hair too much in the long run.
Bonnet dryers with ionic technology are even gentler on your hair and dry faster than those without ionic technology.
Bonnets that can be pulled over the hair provide a certain degree of mobility. Static hair dryer bonnets do not offer this.

Floating bonnets are easy to take along when travelling. This way you can continue to dry your hair gently and as you are used to at home. Many floating bonnets come with a practical storage bag. 

What to look for when buying a drying bonnet?

The floating bonnet should have temperature/airflow switching combinations so that you can adjust the drying process specifically to your needs. Thin hair tolerates less heat, thick hair more. Every scalp tolerates heat differently.
A long cord to increase your spatial flexibility during the drying process.
The bonnet should have a cold setting. You can use it to set your hair after drying to give it an extra long hold.
The floating bonnet should have ionic technology to avoid the anti-static effect of flying hair.
A storage bag is practical and should be included. The bag can protect the bonnet from wrinkles, tears or creases and keep it safe.

How to use your hover dry bonnet

First, unfold your bonnet completely. Please check that there are no folds, tears or creases to ensure safe functionality.
Then put the bonnet on without turning on the motor. All hair should be under the bonnet and only your face should be sticking out.
Once the bonnet is comfortably in place, make sure that the motors and controls hang freely from your upper body. There should be no clothing or hair in front of the motors so that they can suck in the air.
Turn on the bonnet dryer and wait for the bonnet to fully inflate.
When using your bonnet dryer for the first time, do not turn it on to maximum temperature until the bonnet is fully inflated.
Wait until your hair is completely dry.
Finally, switch on the cold setting for about 10-12 minutes to fix your hair style, if available. This will give your hair extra strength and make your style last longer.
If you want to put your hairdryer away and store it, wait until the hairdryer is completely cold before folding it up.

Cleaning the floating bonnet

Do not immerse the bonnet in water, first disconnect the mains plug and carefully wipe the bonnet and motors with a damp cloth. Please do not use a sharp household cleaner for this purpose.

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