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Which hairdryer do hairdressers use?

A common question, but it always stands for the consideration:
Which is the best professional hairdryer?

Differentiate and weigh the following features for yourself:

LPower of the hairdryer

The indicated wattage is a power meter. Good quality hairdryers and professional appliances are usually between 2,000 watts and 2,400 watts. Hairdresser hair dryers with a higher wattage are rare and not necessary. Hairdryers with 3,000 watts or even 3,500 watts are not used in hairdressing salons for economic reasons alone.

The power is decisive for 2 components:

The heat

The higher the wattage, the warmer the airflow. Heat is not important for drying hair. Do not dry your hair too hot or you will damage it.

The airflow

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for hairdressers. This means more environmentally friendly materials and lower power consumption. The Swiss manufacturer Valera is responding to this trend. The  Valera ePower 

model is an environmentally friendly hairdryer. With a power consumption of 1,600 watts, the performance data are impressive:
+ 29 % air flow (m3/h)
+ 26 % drying rate (g/min)
+ 32 % energy efficiency (g/min)/Wh
- 25 % energy consumption Wh/(g/min)
This means performance like a hairdresser needs with significantly lower energy consumption.

Here you can find all hairdryers with 2000 Watt or more.


For private use, the weight is not relevant because you dry your hair only once a day at most. Whether the hair dryer weighs 500 or 700 grams is not decisive. For the hairdresser, however, it is. If you dry your hair 10 to 12 times a day after a cut, you will be happy with a light hair dryer.


Hairdressers and clients prefer quiet professional hairdryers. They are much more pleasant to use.

Ion hair dryer advantages and disadvantages

What does an ionic hairdryer do? Hair dryers with ionic technology enrich the air stream with ions. Ions are negatively charged atoms.
You have problems with straw-like hair that sticks out wildly from your head? This is due to the electrically positive charge of the hair strands. As we know from physics lessons, atoms with the same charge repel each other. The negatively charged ions from the hair dryer neutralise the positive charge of the hair. The result is that your hair no longer stands on end.

Another advantage: the hair dries faster. The ions hit the wet hair and break up the hydrogen bonds of the droplets in the hair. The molecules are broken down into smaller components and the liquid evaporates faster. Furthermore, your hair absorbs the water better because of its small size. This results in more shine, smoothness and volume.

The disadvantage: Ionic hair dryers are more expensive because the high-voltage generator in the hair dryer that produces the ions costs money.

 Here you can find our hairdryers with ionic technology

Hairdryer with diffuser:

What does a diffuser do? A diffuser is a hairdryer attachment that distributes the air better and dries the hair indirectly. This leads to more volume or defined curls. The diffuser is used for curly or naturally wavy hair. Good hairdresser hair dryers have the diffuser and at least one ondolier nozzle included. Here you can find our hairdryers with diffuser included or as accessories.

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