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How do I increase the life of my razor blade?

How do I increase the life of my razor blade? 

Razor blades are expensive and the replacement is logically also harmful to the environment. Therefore your question is more than justified, how to extend the lifetime of your wet razor. 

We will give you various tips that are guaranteed to help: 

1. spare

To use your blades longer, softening your beard hair will help. You can do this by treating your hair with pre-shave products before shaving and softening it. Professionally, cover your face with a warm, wet towel to soften your hair. You can achieve a similar effect if you shave after the shower.  

2. clean

It is important to keep your blade clean at all times. Traditionally, a razor strop is used for this purpose. The blade is pulled flat over the leather in the direction of the back of the blade and with little pressure. This erects the burr and polishes the edge. A modern development for system shavers and disposable razors is the Razorking Blade Sharpener. With this blade sharpener, the blade is also pulled off on the surface of the razoring against the razor direction. Moisten the Razorking beforehand with a shaving shovel or shaving gel.

3. oiling

Indeed, in some guides you will find the hint to oil the blade accordingly. Traditionally from Japan, camellia oil has been used for centuries for the care and conservation of swords and knives. In our opinion this is the case with system razors and disposable razors with guns shot at sparrows.

4. drying

It is very important to shake the razor over the sink and then put it up or hang it up with the razor head. Special shaving stand are particularly suitable for this. Never leave the razor in the wet.

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