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Safety razor for women instructions and tips

Safety Razor for girls

Do they exist? Should I use ladies' safety razors for shaving??

We think you should at least take a look at it.

First, let's look at the statistics. 97% of all women shave under their armpits. More than 90% depilate their legs. And even more than half of the fair sex take care of their hair in the genital area. Besides shaving, there are a number of other ways to depilate. Shaving is inexpensive and does not take long at home. That makes it popular with the ladies.

What are the advantages of a safety razor for women?

Short answer: the same as for the man. 

Razor blades for safety razors are inexpensive:

One blade costs 20-30 cents. A blade for the system razor or a disposable razor can easily cost €2 each.

Safety razors are sustainable:

There is no plastic waste. The disposable razors produce a lot of waste, the balance of the system razor blades is better, but also not great.

Safety razors deliver super results:

Shaving with the razor for women quickly becomes extremely smooth. 

Which razor for women is the best?

The razors for men and women are the same. Some suppliers offer special women's razors. This is for marketing, not so much for necessity.

A woman's hair is usually finer and thinner than a man's hair. A razor with a closed comb is recommended.

What that means, you can read here:

The shave feels more direct with a razor with a closed comb. Skin irritation is less frequent and there is less skin irritation.

The length of the handle depends on your preferences. We would advise you to use a medium-length or long handle, especially for shaving your legs. This allows you to reach all areas better, especially when shaving your legs.

Using ladies safety razors, but how?

As written, there is no such thing as a women's razor. You can find out how to shave with a razor here in the instructions:

Step 1 - insert blade

We advise you not to use a torsion plane, which is more aggressive in shaving. With a torsion plane, the blade is curved. Whether it is a butterfly head or a razor with a screw head is irrelevant for the shave. With the screw head, you screw the blade into the razor head. With the butterfly, there is a mechanism that holds the blade.

Step 2 - Prepare your skin

Shaving after a shower or bath is ideal. The pores are then open and the skin is nice and soft. Use shaving foam, shaving cream or shaving gel. The razor glides better over the skin and you can easily see where you still need to shave.

Step 3 - The shaving

Place the razor against the shaving area at a 30° angle to the skin. Pull the razor across the skin in short strokes. Stretch or straighten the area to be shaved with your free hand. Pay attention to the pressure. Shaving with a system razor requires a little pressure. Please avoid this with a straight razor. Let the razor glide lightly over the skin.

Be careful in the most sensitive areas, such as your knees or ankles.

Step 4 - rinsing

Rinse the shaved areas with cold water to remove all shaving foam and dirt residues.

Step 5 - take care for your skin

Pamper your skin with a cooling and nourishing lotion or cream.

Step 6 - take care of your safety razor

Rinse the razor well to remove dirt, shaving foam and hair residue. It loves it when you open the razor head, so you can get it super clean.

Then let it dry well with the head facing up.

Step 7 temporal shaving interval

Don't wait too long before shaving again. As you already know from system shaving, it is easier to shave if the hair is not too long. 

How to shave the genital area with a razor plane?

You proceed as described above. 

Some more tips on this:

  • Pull the skin against the direction of shaving
  • Tighten the skin
  • When shaving intimately, use the razor without pressure.
  • Shaving in front of or with a mirror will help.
  • When you shave for the first time, skin irritation is possible. This will quickly disappear as your skin becomes accustomed to shaving. 

Which is the best safety razor for women?

We recommend a plane with a closed comb. Choose a handle that is medium to long and not too thick. Then it will fit comfortably in your hand. Suitable safety razors are available. 

Where to get a safety razor for ladies?

Find the safety razor that's right for you at Hairstyletools. Use our filter to find the safety razor with a closed comb that suits you best.

Take your time with your first shave and enjoy a clear conscience. From now on, you won't produce any plastic waste and you won't have to go to the waxing studio. 

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