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Hairdryer attachments, which ones and for what?

Hairdryer attachments are practical. With the right attachment, you can create your hairstyles flexibly at home. Attachments are included with some hair dryers. We show you which attachments are suitable for which hairstyles.  

Diffuser attachment 

What is the correct name for it? Diffuser or diffusor? Actually, you can find both spellings. Diffuser is the English spelling and diffuser is the German spelling. 

What is a diffuser on a hair dryer? 

The diffuser is an attachment for the hair dryer with knobs and holes. It is primarily for curly or wavy hairstyles and takes speed out of the airflow. This distributes the airflow better as the area treated with hot air becomes larger. Natural waves and curls dry well this way and find a natural fall.
The indirect heat of a diffuser dryer is also ideal for brittle hair. The lower heat is gentle on the hair and prevents damaged hair.

How to use a diffuser correctly?

Use the attachment correctly to achieve the best results. Comb towel-dried hair with a coarse comb. This will help you avoid knots. Apply hair care products. Oil for the ends nourishes the hair and makes it silky and shiny. Hair mousse adds hold and volume. Put the diffuser on the hairdryer and blow-dry your hair at medium heat and speed. Bend your head forward and dry your front hair first. Move the hair dryer with light circular and flowing movements. 
Dry the hair at the roots first. Great results can be achieved when the ends are still damp. Do not expose the sensitive ends of the hair to heat. If you like, define the curls with Hairoil.

Is the diffuser useful for straight hair?

Eindeutig ja, wenn Du Volumen in Dein Haar föhnen möchtest. Hier hilft der Einsatz von Haarschaum. 
Die oben beschriebene Föntechnik ändert sich nicht. Der Diffusor wird auf das Haar gesetzt und mit kreisenden Bewegungen über den Haaransatz geführt. Es entsteht trotz feinem Haar ein volles Volumen. Der Diffusor bringt viel für lockiges und glattes Haar.

What is the hairdryer nozzle, also called the ondolier nozzle, used for? 

The effect of the ondolier nozzle is different. The outlet of the hairdryer becomes narrower, the airflow is better focused. This helps when the hair is blow-dried over a brush and for straightening the hair. Round brushes are ideal for use with a hairdryer nozzle. The heat does not build up and is gentle on the hair. Pull the individual strands over the brush and dry them with the heat jet. Straighten the strand of hair or shape it into a curl.
Do not do without an attachment - blow-drying without an attachment causes frizz! 
If you like to work with curlers, the use of a drying bonnet helps. Find the blog on the drying bonnet here.

Dry the hair at the roots first. Great results can be achieved when the ends are still damp. Do not expose the sensitive ends of the hair to heat. If you like, 

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