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Dovo Solingen Straight razor 5/8" carbon | Solingen Acrylic Mother of pearl

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Dovo straight razor 5/8" carbon | Solingen Acrylic Mother of pearl Immitate The DOVO No....more

Dovo straight razor 5/8" carbon | Solingen Acrylic Mother of pearl Immitate

The DOVO No. 98 has been a customer favourite for many decades. The ornate engravings on the blade and back complement the shimmering mother-of-pearl-colour on its scales. You can clearly see the high-quality of this razor with the DOVO inlay on the handle and in the fully hollow ground 5/8 inch blade.


This straight razor is made of carbon steel with the material number 1.2210, better known as silver steel. In order to achieve a hardness of approximately 61 HRC, the material is heated to over 800 degrees celsius and then immediately quenched with a special oil. The subsequent tempering at about 200 degrees celsius gives the blade elasticity and toughness. The ornaments are beautifully gold-plated with 24 karat gold.


Whether as a piece of furniture inlay or jewellery - mother-of-pearl has been used for centuries for the luxurious finishing of high-quality products. For ethical reasons, we work solely with a mother-of-pearl imitation made of acrylic glass. Through selected manufacturing processes, we are able to imitate the iridescent colour play of real mother-of-pearl and simultaneously combine it with the long-lasting properties of acrylic.


With the hollow grind, the razor is ground concave from the back to the cutting edge. This design combines great flexibility with high longitudinal torsional rigidity. The blade dynamics ensure a smooth shave accompanied by a very characteristic sound, which is triggered by the swinging of the razor at the hair section.


The round head is the classic shape of a straight razor and will fit most shaving situations. This blade design has been popular for centuries, as the bulbous shape is very safe to use around the ears, nose and dimples. Also, in the event of a fall, the round head protects you from injury.


Straight razors in the 5/8 inch size are real all-rounders and can handle any task related to the classic wet shave with flying colours. The blade is relatively heavy and can therefore glide gently over your skin without much pressure. At the same time, it is still manoeuvrable enough to be able to manage more technically demanding passages around the nose, ears and chin.

Scope of delivery: Laminierte Kartonbox, Rasiermesser
Material: Kohlenstoffstahl 1.2210, verziert mit 23 Karat Gold
Handle material: Acryl , Perlmutt Immitation
Blade description: Doppelansatz, Erl zweiseitig geführt, Rundkopf
Blade grinding: vollhohl
Blade width: 5/8"
Dimensions: 16,2cm x 2,7cm x 1,1cm
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